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Baxter's Rewards Program

Need help with a Baxter's Rewards Account?


How can I get a Baxter’s Rewards Card?

During your next trip to any Baxter’s location, simply ask your cashier for a Baxter’s Rewards card.  They will be happy to get you started earning points!


I live out of town, can I still get a Baxter’s Rewards card? 

Sure! During your next visit to a Baxter’s location, simply ask the cashier for a card and they’ll be happy to give you one. At this time, points do not expire.


I’m an online customer, can I have a Baxter’s Rewards card?
At this time, our Baxter’s rewards card program is for drinks by the cup in our retail locations. Should we expand the program to include online purchases we will be sure to post on our website.

Baxter’s Rewards  


Buy 12 brewed coffees or teas, and the 13th drink is free!


But 12 specialty drinks, the 13th drink is free!


When you redeem a reward drink,  the equal or lesser-value drink in the transaction is free.


Customer must ask to redeem any available rewards BEFORE rewards card is presented, or before payment is made.   


Free rewards drinks may not be combined with Spirit Card discounts, per Spirit Card regulations.


Your Baxter’s Rewards card must be registered to receive Birthday Drink discount.

A free Birthday Drink will be loaded on to your registered card 7 days before your birthday and expires 7 days after your birthday.  If you register your card during this 14 day period, you will still receive your Birthday Drink. The birthday discount will automatically be removed from your card if not used.  The discount is non-transferable, and can only be used one time during the 14 day period. 


Points are non-transferable, cannot be combined from multiple cards/accounts, and may only be added to your card at the time of purchase.  


A maximum of 3 transactions can be added to your rewards card per day.


Baxter’s is not liable for lost or stolen rewards cards.


One loyalty card and account per person.  Any violations of this policy may result in loss of eligibility to participate in Baxter’s Rewards program.


Baxter’s Rewards hold no cash value. All points collected are the sole property of Baxter’s Coffee. We reserve the right to revoke points at any time.  


Rules subject to change at any time.    





  • I don’t want to register my card. No problem.  Your rewards card will still keep track of your purchases and points.  However, should you lose it, we will be unable to reconnect you with the points and rewards you have already earned.  

  • Why should I share my information with Baxter’s? Baxter’s will only use your information as it pertains to Baxter’s Rewards.  We will never sell or share your information. You will receive a free drink for your birthday as well as an occasional promotion of a new product to try or an extra discount.

  • Are there rewards on other items?          

For now, the program will remain the same.  But stay tuned for updates in the future.  

  • Can my rewards combine with other discounts?

                        Not at this time.  For example, as stated on the Spirit Card, that discount is not applicable with other discount programs.  






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