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Our Story

For us coffee has been a fascinating culture to learn and be a part of. There are so many layers of craftsmanship that go into each and every phase of coffee. It begins with the farmers who use age old traditions for farming, hand harvesting, washing and drying the beans. Then it goes to brokers and importers who export and import coffee all over the world. Then we get our hands on it and perform our small batch roasting tricks to get the beans just right for our loyal patrons and self-proclaimed coffee lovers. Coffee is a labor of love! It’s a unique and awesome process because it both begins and ends with people.

We source only the finest and freshest green coffee beans available from around the world. We use only 100% Arabica beans. Each coffee origin is carefully chosen for quality and taste. We carefully hand roast each bean to perfection in our small batch roaster and guarantee you the freshest and most flavorful coffee possible. After roasting, all coffee is packaged in bags with one way air valves in order to maintain peak freshness for our customers both wholesale and for home use.

Family Owned and Operated

EST. 2001


Baxter joined the family right about the time the first store was gearing up to open. We just had one problem... we couldn't pick a name for this new coffee adventure that was about to start. After countless names and ideas we finally found the perfect fit. Baxter's Coffee. We love dogs and we love coffee, how could it be any more perfect?

For years you would find Baxter walking through downtown, at school functions, and even on the front porch of the original store. He loved to socialize and never wanted to be left at home. Baxter went every where with us and usually preferred to ride shot gun. Like all good dogs, they fill our lives with joy, comfort and loyalty. Baxter gave us 15 wonderful years of life and was truly as loyal as they come. But like they say all dogs go to heaven. 


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