Specialty Coffees

Our daily selections of fresh roasted gourmet coffee include a light to medium, Swiss water processed decaf, flavored, flavored decaf, and a dark roast.

Coffee of the Day
Flavored Coffee of the Day
Decaf Coffee of the Day
Flavored Decaf of the Day

Hot Beverages

All are available decaf and/or sugar free.

Mocha Jo 
Coffee, chocolate, whipped cream
Mocha Caramel Jo 
Coffee, chocolate, caramel, whipped cream
Caramel Jo 
Coffee, caramel, whipped cream
Vanilla Mocha Jo 
Coffee, white chocolate, vanilla syrup, whipped cream
Hot Chocolate
White Hot Chocolate
Hot Tea

Espresso Beverages

Available with decaf, skim milk, low carb, and all can be prepared over ice.

Single or Double
1/3 espresso, 2/3 steamed milk
1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 froth
Mocha Cappuccino 
Espresso, steamed milk, chocolate
White Mocha Cappuccino 
Espresso, steamed milk, white chocolate
Caramel Latte 
Espresso, steamed milk, caramel
Shot in the Dark 
Shot of espresso in coffee of the day
Cafe Au Lait 
1/2 coffee, 1/2 steamed milk
Steamed milk with a shot of flavor
Chai Tea Latte

Iced Beverages

Baxter's Blitz 
A favorite... even if you are not a coffee drinker! Mocha, Heath Mocha, Vanilla, Kona Mocha, Coffee, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream, decaf Mocha, decaf Vanilla, no sugar added Mocha, no sugar added Vanilla, coffee-free Snow Cream, coffee-free Frozen Hot Chocolate
Baxter's all-natural fruit smoothies are an excellent meal supplement or nutritious snack. Packed full of vitamins, you will surely find these to be a favorite! Naturally fat free. Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Four Berry, Mango Tropics, Peach Pear, Pina Colada, Blueberry Banana
Frozen Fruit Cremes 
A creamy version of our smoothies. Choose from Strawberry Creme, Four Berry Creme, Pina Colada Creme, or Strawberry Banana Creme.
Polar Chai 
Chai blended with ice
Iced Coffees 
All of our drinks can be made over ice. Some of our favories are: Iced Black Coffee, Iced Regular Coffee, Iced Vanilla Coffee, Iced Hazelnut Coffee


Whipped Cream
Soy Milk
Shot of Flavor
Shot of Espresso
Sugar Free Syrups 
Vanilla, Caramel, Almond, English Toffee, Hazelnut, Irish Creme, Raspberry

Baxter's Kitchen

Each morning, we bake a fresh selection of bakery items. Our selection changes daily. You are sure to find a favorite in our wonderful desserts and baked goods.

Cinnamon Rolls
Amon's Donuts

Baxter's on the Go

Available in 96 oz (serves 10), 3 gallon (serves 30-35), and 5 gallon (serves 50-55). To help us serve you better, please place orders for large containers by 4pm the day before. Orders not placed in advance may experience a delay.

Coffee To Go 
Choose Regular, Dark Roast, Flavored, or Decaf
Mocha Jo To Go
Vanilla Mocha Jo To Go
Hot Chocolate To Go